hube magazine was founded to create an interdisciplinary space for the evolution of progressive technological and artistic forms.

hube’s heroes—artists, scientists, designers, thinkers and engineers, architects, and poets—are the guardians of the future. They gaze beyond our horizon. Creators living in new dimensions, inspired by the past and inspiring the future. Simultaneously too serious and too ironic.

They connect humanity to the future, enabling us to remain human, human be, hube.

hube is an independent print journal that is published biannually. It is focused on art, fashion, science, technology, aesthetics, society, and philosophy.

Our aim is to build an innovative channel that:

  • reaches a broad intellectual community composed of creative minds,
  • shares top-level journalism, modern manifestos, and cultural pieces from our global network of contributors,
  • provokes a meaningful dialogue amongst inspiring thinkers,
  • precipitates new ideas and skills,
  • promotes scientific and technological progress,
  • raises awareness about climate change,
  • explores the metaverse initiatives for easy access to new ways of social interconnection,
  • creates a platform for all gender identities and societies, willing to answer the question:

How will we
craft the future/s?

Each issue of hube magazine presents innovative forms of communication. It combines cover stories, in-depth interviews, long-form features, creative profiles, unсonventional photo editorials, meaningful cultural narratives, and documented art performances.

Part think tank, with vanguard editorial vision underpinned with media strategy, the hube team creates powerful and original storytelling.

Giving the floor to our contributors, we seek to reach beyond borders. Combining vigorous written and visual narratives, we offer our readers a journey into the inevitable future/s.