hube no. 3


Words are not enough. Joy, sorrow, happiness, pain—these words merely allude to the depth of our feelings. In an attempt to convey them, we seek harmonies in sounds, colours, and images. We turn to art and become the creators ourselves. 

We’re thrilled to announce that our third issue has arrived. We feel incredibly grateful as it provided us with countless memories that we will cherish forever: 

An intimate conversation between MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ and MICHÈLE LAMY that blurred the lines between art, performance, and life itself.

A warm welcome from DANIEL ARSHAM in his house in the Hamptons, which naturally led us to a conversation about Japan.

A walk with SARAH ANDELMAN around the streets of Paris; a metaphor of her personal journey through the world of fashion, art, and design.

An intense but exceptionally fun day in London with ELLA RICHARDS and MIU MIU.

An intriguing debate with STEVEN PINKER on the irreversibility of time, the future of humanism, and the ways that art and science are shaping our world. 

A look inside the surreal universe of KEI NINOMIYA, discovering the ways his practice draws together tradition and innovation, the past and the future. 

A thoughtful meeting with JAMES MERRY that revealed the meditative process of embroidery and its power to alter realities.

A rare interview with CHIHARU SHIOTA providing a glimpse into her artistic philosophy and the enduring power of visual storytelling.

A graffiti session with effortlessly creative and undeniably cool ANDRÉ SARAIVA.

A fascinating journey through the imaginative realms of STERLING RUBY, OLUWOLE OMOFEMI, and RECYCLE GROUP.

In this issue we were lucky to see the fantasy worlds of our contributors through the lenses of AMÉLIE AMBROISE, DENIS KALYADINE, ARASH KHAKSARI, TAREK MAWAD, JAN PHILIPZEN, CHIESKA FORTUNE SMITH, BRUNO STAUB, BRENDAN WIXTED, and JOSHUA WOODS.

Today we invite you to delve into our third edition and relive those beautiful moments with us.


332 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound,
full color on coated FSC®-qualified paper.
225 x 270 mm.

Printed in Berlin.