The renovation of the Centre Pompidou will be led by architects Moreau Kusunoki, Frida Escobedo and French studio AIA Life Designers. The major works will begin with a gradual closure in the autumn of 2024, leading to a complete closure in 2025, before reopening in 2030. The aim is to modernise the building while preserving its iconic colourful tubes, exposed services and expanses of steel and glass.

The focus of the redesign will be on the reinforcement of the project’s original objective of visual porosity and physical connections between its various sections and activities. The renovation aims to transform the existing spaces into cultural and communal areas suitable for different audiences, including young people.

Opened in 1977, the Centre Pompidou was designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers as a living organism. The new era seeks to support and continue its original, experimental intention. Rationalisation and clarity throughout the building are high on the architects’ agenda. The architects see this renovation as an opportunity to improve all aspects of the Centre Pompidou, creating a museum that reinforces openness and continuity with the city.

New vision for the Centre Pompidou 2030-1
New vision for the Centre Pompidou 2030-2
New vision for the Centre Pompidou 2030-3
New vision for the Centre Pompidou 2030-4
New vision for the Centre Pompidou 2030-5